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Another Popular Name: Ascendant

Ruled By: Aries

Ruling Planet: Mars

The first house in kundli as shown in picture above is the house of nature, means this house tells the TOTAL of persons life about physical body, nature, name & fame etc. It also gives the indication about the past lived life of the person.

Stands for: self, health, longevity, happiness, appearance, character, stature, temperament, prosperity, disposition, nature, personality, vitality, & vigor, success or failure in attempts, general well being persons asking question, fame     ( Sun & Houses 10 ), beginning of life, child hood, environment, physical body.

Also known as your Astrological Mask; the first house can only be determined by knowing your exact time of birth. Without the exact time of birth, the first house and the true beginning point of your houses are merely speculation.

First House — the physical body and the way in which we present ourselves and, in particular, the head and face.

The first house of your horoscope represents your identity, physical characteristics, appearance, health and well-being, the physical body, vitality, attitude, temperament and the way you look upon the world.

In sum, the First House speaks to the person we are becoming and will become, both internally and externally. It addresses our personality and presentation to the world, our essential qualities, approach to life, demeanor and basic sensibilities.

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