13 comments on “H H K – Hell Heaven & karma

  1. this is an amazing story…i really liked it so please publish the final version of this story as soon as possible…

  2. The story begins simply — a street version of cricket. Like American stickball or baseball played by kids in the backstreets of New York. A hit ball crashes through an apartment window, and one of the boys who goes to retrieve the ball ends up in hell.

    Simply told with enough information that I can imagine the scene and the characters.

    Almost theater-like in the way you describe things.

    If for an English-speaking audience, it might present a challenge. But, in a unique way, the broken English adds to its charm. That’s your decision.

    I do want to know what will happen to this person. I suspect that some sort of love interest is being set up with the permission to hug.

    I recommend that you read The Great Divorce, written by C.S. Lewis. Your story is similar in the way it treats heaven and hell with characters. Similarly, you might look at The Screwtape Letters, also by Lewis.

    I’d like a bit more fleshing out of the punishment part.

    • hi skipmars…thanks for your reading & showing your interest in my story…i shall surly publish the final part soon…i will take care of your suggestions…thanks again…

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