A Australia has been a popular choice for thousands of international students over many years. Australia’s universities and colleges have become increasingly recognised overseas for their exceptionally high standard. In addition, Australia is conveniently close to South-East Asia (Jakarta, the capital of Australia’s closest Asian neighbour, Indonesia, is only 5506 kilometres from Sydney). RevisedContinue reading “STUDYING IN SYDNEY, – AN OVERVIEW FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS”

Leadership and its various forms

  Leadership styles vary vastly, very observable differences being seen not only between companies and institutes but also within such bodies. On a more global basis, these types of leadership styles are used to govern countries the world over. Whether one particular leadership style is more effective than another, is dependent on whether the needsContinue reading “Leadership and its various forms”

London Walking Tours – Infomative

London Architecture Walks A professional interest is not a prerequisite to enjoy this leisurely tour of London’s most prominent buildings. Taking in a range of architectural designs spanning several centuries, this tour will delight young and old alike. Routes vary so please call in advance for details of daily departure points. Tel: 020 4578 8894Continue reading “London Walking Tours – Infomative”

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Thoughtless MIND - "சாத்தியமில்லாத இடத்தில் சாத்தியப்படுவது தான் அமைதி"

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Trust, Not being first, Matters to us

Moksha Club

An effort in creative undoing of the false indivi-dualistic self in order to get established as the true non-dualistic Self which is Satyam-Gnanam-Anantam Brahma(n). This is Moksha, Enlightenment or Self-Realization.

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