The Essential Beauty Guide


B Vitamins These are found in wholegrains and wheatgerm and will help to nourish your whole body. Including these vitamins in your diet will give you energy and an overall feeling of well-being, so you are less likely to get sick.
Vitamin A It protects the skin against redness and inflammation caused by skin rashes. Try to eat plenty of dark orange (carrots, sweet potato) and dark green (broccoli and spinach) vegetables every day.
Vitamin C This vitamin helps to build collagen, the “glue” that holds the body’s cells together. It also promotes clear, healthy eyes. Include raw fruits and vegetables especially blueberries, kiwi fruit, citrus fruits, red capsicum and broccoli in your diet.
Zinc It is essential for wound healing and new skin growth. It is found in lean beef, liver, seafood, wholegrains, pulses, milk and eggs.
Vitamin E It guards the skin against premature ageing. Eat lots of sunflower seeds and raw nuts such as walnuts, pecans and almonds as snacks.
Calcium This adds moisture and lustre to hair and nails. The best sources of calcium are healthy oils including canola and olive oil. You should also try to eat lots of almonds, walnuts and seeds.
Potassium This essential product hydrates the skin and regulates normal function of the oil glands keeping the skin moist and supple, not thin and dry. It is found mostly in bananas.


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