Astrology – For Beginners


From unknown long years astrology is giving its everything to the human which people fails to achieve normally. By using or can say by adopting some strong astrology tips and remedies people get their aims in life. Here you will find the full information about astrology; but also get the details about how to solve the issues with the help of Astrology. As you are in early stage of learning Astrology or you are finding some remedies, information, you will get your all stuff here. If you are beginner then In few days, you can at least able to understands human birth charts and in few months you can fully predict all charts.

As Indian mythology, to predicts persons life; astrologer should have persons birth details like date of birth, birth time and birth place. 10-15 years back those who are very accurate in astrology have their books thru which they calculate the things and get perfect birth charts (horoscopes) on papers but now days it’s getting very simple, to get the birth chart we only needs the horoscope (kundli) software which easily available on internet, simply download and install it. By filling the details there like name, DOB, birth time, place person can get accurate horoscope (kundli).

Types of body:

Astrology is not only related with prediction and remedies, it’s a full package of meditation. The person who is predicting for somebody must know basics of meditation aswell. It helps the person in accurate predictions. And meditation means to known about our-self, to know about inner soul and physical body.

There is three type of human bodies –

  1. Physical Body
  2. Astral Body
  3. Casual Body

1. Physical Body: – Walking, eating, drinking, doing sex and all type of work which done with the help of body parts like arms, hands, legs etc comes under physical body.

2. Astral Body: – As i know each and every physical body surrounded with 30 cm colorful circle, which known as Aura or By Luminous Energy. There are camera available in the market to see that hidden energy. This astral body and energy is concerned and connected with Astrology predictions. As every engine produces the energy so that the machine works until the engine is producing the energy similarly, human physical body works because of astral body. It operates the physical body. If person is sick, ill, happy, depressed, under depression just because of astral body. Question arises: what is astral body? In detail human body is not only made of bones, skin, blood etc it’s also made of the strong combinations of planets. With the help of astral body old Indian saints they just closed their eyes and can go any part of the world in fraction of seconds, their soul can travel any part of the world, because the speed of the soul is 10 times fast than light.

Now, the question arises what is horoscope (kundli), what does horoscope (kundli) means! The easiest answer in simple words is that it’s a kind of graph which gives the complete diagrammatic representation of all the planets. It’s a combination of 12 houses, Every single house in horoscope (kundli) predicts differently. As you can see the above image you can find the 12 diamond shape boxes; starts from number 1 and ends to number 12. Each single house has its own characteristics, meaning and prediction.

Before moving further let’s have a quick review in short what we learnt;

  • To predict the person’s life – past, present, future we requires kundli (according to Indian mythology)
  • In kundli there are 12 houses, with its different characteristics.

For the beginners its very important to have the knowledge of all 12 houses.

Without this predictions cannot possible.

First we need to understand how to read horoscope chart.

As you are seeing the chart with 12 houses, each house has its own meaning, significance & prediction. The numbers which are mentioned in the houses are the zodiac sign numbers, its according to the person’s birth, depends upon from which zodiac sign the earth is passing. Every person has different or can be similar zodiac sign positions in birth chart. Why the numbers in the chart is 1 to 12 only? because there are 12 zodiac signs like:

1 Aries, 2 Taurus, 3 Gemini, 4 Cancer, 5 Leo, 6 Virgo, 7 Libra, 8 Scorpio, 9 Sagittarius, 10 Capricorn, 11 Aquarius, 12 Pisces, that is why every horoscope has only with 12 houses with 1 ascendant, with different zodiac sign placed in every house.

Remember that the zodiac numbers always mentioned/read anti clock wise, as you can see in the chart. 1st house is known as Ascendant, but only 1 zodiac can be placed here, not only here it’s implemented to all other 11 houses too. Yes, one or more than 1 planet can be place in any 12 houses, but again its depends upon the time in which the person takes birth. Keep in mind that Astrologer cannot himself place any planet or zodiac in the birth chart, its naturally all ready placed, astrologer only finds it and predicts accordingly.

So, click here to start 1st Session – About 12 Houses.

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astrology introduction

astrology introduction

The use of the word “Astrology” in the Vedic texts, in the scriptures-puranas and in the dictionary Meaning- The science or science by which the planets, constellations etc. located in the sky are known. The speed result, distance etc. are decided, it is called astrology.

In our life and work areas, the influence of planets and constellations keeps on falling on water and astrology is based on planets and constellations only.

In simple words – “Astrology” is the name of that science by which the sky, all the past, future and present condition can be known through the situated planets.

From the classical definition it becomes clear that astrology is concerned with the luminous planets moving in a certain path of the sky. Considering the Sun as the center, the position of the constellations, the nature of the effects of the planets on them and their depth is the only great science that tells astrology.

Astrology except the fruits of past, future, present of all living beings, it is also capable of curing diseases. Astrologers believe that those incurable diseases which doctors, doctors and doctors cannot cure. Astrology can eradicate diseases from the root, hence astrology It also has a life-giving superpower.

In Vedic literature, the sun is called the soul and the moon is called the mind. The result of the relationship between the Sun and the Earth is the cycle of seasons and this cycle is the main factor in the state of creation. If there is no change of seasons, then life on earth will end.

In this context, when we look at the Indian scriptures, then astrology is the only scripture that has the ability to give complete, hundred percent information about the three dimensions of time, past, future and present.

The importance of astrology is judged by results. Its basic structure rests on astronomy. Authentic details from the history of the individual to the future of the nation are based on the constellations and planets. It is also called constellation astrology. Everything is contained in astrology itself, from the information of fast-deceleration of things, weather, science, possibility and prevention of diseases and sorrow and happiness, profit and loss.

Before getting an introduction to the various dimensions of astrology, if we understand its basic facts, then it will be convenient to understand the complete facts ahead. Our entire or constellation science is based on planets. 

To understand which there are two fundamental aspects of Indian astrology?

  1. Result
  2. Mathematics

Phalit (Astrology) – which means doing predictions on the basis of planets, predictions etc. On the basis of this, the representation of past, future and present is done, hence Fatal astrology is most famous in the whole world.

Mathematics (astronomy) – which means astronomy. By astronomy there is knowledge of the position, definition, distance, etc. of the celestial planets.

Panchangadis are also produced by it.

Readers! The most important part is the result astrology, because the importance of astrology is judged by the result. Its basic structure rests on astronomy. The basic basis of constellation science is that the planets located at the time of birth of a person have a permanent effect in life. Birth time means the birth ascendant, that is, at what time, at what time the person was born in the sixty clocks of day and night. It has a direct effect on the person. To understand this, there are three parts of astrology. Their names are planets, constellations and zodiac signs.

In astrology, 27 constellations, 9 planets and 12 zodiac signs have been considered. (Which I am going to describe further) on the basis of them fate and future are determined. From the constellation we get to know how far the moon has traveled. On its basis, the position of the entire constellation is known.

After the above information, come, get all the following information related to constellation science. God has created the entire creation. Best planets, constellations and zodiac signs have been created. On the basis of which the creature is born, the constellation, planet and zodiac in which it is born, its karma is also discussed. That is, if a creature is born in the planetary yoga of Mars constellation, then Mars takes care of it. The signs give birth to his karma. That is why only the constellations, planets and zodiac signs have control over the living beings.

Working with the understanding of the planets paves the way for profit. Of constellations on getting information, the karma yoga of good and bad is seen. The pundits, the wise, and the horoscopes are matched on the basis of the planets and constellations. Auspicious and inauspicious results are fruitful only by looking at the constellations and planetary signs.

To understand the further dimensions, first get information about constellations.

Next Chapter: About Nakshatra (Constellation)