I know by posting this it will not help. I cannot help these children’s, i cannot stop them. I cannot stop even those whose hiring them to work, i cannot stop whose are working around my surrounding. I am shamed. Shamed because i was a part of those people who taken help from these child for the fulfillment of my work, which shouldn’t be. I am shamed today, because i saw a lot of child labor working everywhere but i ignored it. Now, I want to come out of it now, DO YOU WANT?  i know i cannot help these children’s by providing money and food, but i am awaken. ARE YOU AWAKEN? By sharing this with you is the only meaning that am against it, ARE YOU AGAINST CHILD LABOR? We know that this is the only help we can give them, help of  SHARING, and i know one thing that, help can be given in any term. So, stop ignoring child labor and by sharing WITH YOUR SOCIAL FRIENDS. this give your inner soul a sign of relief that you are awaken. You shared a lot of posts, images, jokes & spiritual things, but i can bet you that by sharing this it will give you a hidden relief that you made your day by helping stop child labor.







1240979418541-child labour




childlabour unicef






child labour-kids labour













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